Job Talks is a media initiative that shines a positive light on less popular, unknown or misunderstood careers through in-depth research and quality interviews with workers who are passionate about their jobs.

Job Talks originates from the belief that when Canadians love what they do for work, they become not only better employees and co-workers, but better citizens, family members, neighbours and friends.

The problem is that most Canadians feel that they're not doing what they were meant to do.

Job Talks aims to align the individual’s internal emotions, personality and values with the external benefits of being in the right kind of work. We will accomplish this by studying every industry of work with support from dedicated partners who share our goal of helping young people and career-seekers understand both themselves and the jobs they're signing up to do.



Jon Callegher, Ph.D.

Executive Director

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Millennial Sociologist Dr. Jon Callegher is a professor at George Brown College in Toronto. He has a Ph.D. from the University of Waterloo. Dr. Callegher has appeared on radio, TV, and at conferences internationally, speaking about work, generational differences, and marketing. He holds a  multi-year SSHRC partnership grant and is currently authoring Pearson Canada's next Marketing Research textbook.

Ahmed Said

Marketing & Media

Production Manager

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Ahmed is marketing and media production professional with over 8 years of international experience. He has a proven ability in managing global marketing projects for prestigious brands in various industries including tourism, sports, and personal care products.

Benjamin Millard

Research Manager

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Benjamin plays a large role in partner relationship management and project logistics for Job Talks. He has worked with Dr. Callegher on Job Talks since its inception, helping to design and manage a comprehensive study on the intersection of personal values and employment.​

Caitlyn Janicki

Social Media Manager

Caitlyn is a digital marketing professional based in Toronto. She earned her Honours Bachelor in English and Religion from the University of Toronto. Caitlyn is responsible for the strategy and execution of all social media marketing for Job Talks.

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