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"It's just a job."

Click to view a Qi MindMap™ of Square Pegs

Square Pegs are the most pessimistic of segments. With their troubled childhoods, combined with the wrong career choices, they have extremely low scores against work-related values. As the expression goes, they are “square pegs in a round hole.”

Square Pegs feel unfulfilled and disconnected at work. Many feel that they don’t contribute to society (potentially because only few work directly with people). Their unhappiness may also stem from not seeing the bigger picture of where they fit in the company, and from neither having control over work-related decisions nor ownership over their work.

NEED: Square Pegs need help in finding work that is meaningful based on their personality and interests.


  • Only work for the money

  • My job’s too stressful      

  • Feel people look down on me

  • Lack of social bond and team spirit

  • Don’t believe they contribute to society through their work

  • Lack of decision-making

  • Don’t fully understand the scope of work they do (yet still rank themselves relatively high on skill level (62) vs 79 for The Fulfilled)


  • Average highest negative emotions.

  • 69% Shy

  • 58% Worried and Scared

  • 41% Loneliness

  • 38% Anxiety

  • 36% Jealousy

  • 28% Angry


  • Old Millennials & Gen X

  • Large proportion of women

  • Struggling financially

  • Education not relevant to occupation


  • Service and Entertainment

  • Sales

  • Non-management, non-professional

  • 80% would change jobs

Square Pegs

Bottom Rungers



The Comfortable

The Fulfilled

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