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"I'm doing what I'm meant to do"

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The Fulfilled represent the “perfect” combination of one’s personal aptitudes and their chosen career path. Comprising mostly Gen Xers and Boomers, they are financially comfortable or better. They have great work-life balance. Their work and their co-workers are part of who they are.

The Fulfilled are arguably the segment to which we should all strive to belong, where one’s career provides a sense of satisfaction, stimulation, fulfillment, growth and usefulness to society. Occupations include those in Education, Management, Trades and Professional, which The Fulfilled associate with both interacting with and helping people.

The Fulfilled have enough experience and confidence to consider themselves experts in their fields. They have a sense of control over their scope of work.

NEED: Empower them to continue doing good.


  • 96% Get work satisfaction

  • 94% Feel successful

  • 94% People trust me to deliver

  • 92% We help people

  • 91% My work’s worthwhile

  • 90% My work is valued  by society

  • 86% My work= who I am

  • 84% Time flies at work

  • 84% Work with decent people

  • 82% Make the world better

  • 81% Find my work stimulating

  • 80% Special bond to my trade


  • Most happy, curious, excited

  • Some loneliness and disappointment


  • Gen Xers & Boomers (smallest % of young millennials)

  • Well off and comfortable

  • Out twice or 3x a week or more

  • More likely to have adult children

  • Satisfied and fulfilled

  • Large proportion  (half) has university degree

  • Half say education is relevant


  • Education 1st

  • Management 2nd

  • Trades and Health/Welfare 3rd

  • Professional

  • Retired

  • 78% deal directly with customers

  • 70% would choose same job again

  • 70% would recommend job

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The Comfortable

The Fulfilled

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