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Click to view a Qi MindMap™ of Bottom Rungers

Bottom Rungers are those in the early stages of their professional occupations. They are recent graduates – people with a few years of work experience and very little say at their job. Some of their dissatisfaction comes from the fact that they have very little control over their work.

Bottom Rungers are also climbers. They are well-educated and most likely striving to get ahead and be heard, but for now they are stuck doing entry-level work and they don’t necessarily see how it fits with the bigger picture.

NEED: Bottom Rungers need help in understanding their career development. Give them more responsibilities and

don’t keep them in suspense.


  • Not fully understanding the scope of work they do

  • Lack of decision-making

  • People trust me to deliver (40%)


  • Not feeling energetic/active as a child


  • Old Millennials & Gen X

  • Large proportion has university degree

  • Budgeting and Struggling financially

  • Out twice or 3x a week or more


  • Spread out across occupations, except teaching or healthcare

  • IT, Science, and Tech

  • Clerical and Admin

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Service and Entertainment

  • Labourer and Driver

  • Financial

  • Professional

  • 74% deal with customers

  • 48% would choose their job again

Square Pegs

Bottom Rungers



The Comfortable

The Fulfilled

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