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In partnership with Qi Value Systems, Job Talks provides full-service research to help industry associations make informed decisions. We have experience surveying and interviewing thousands of workers and making strategic recommendations for recruitment and retention. 

A New View of Canadian Workers


Based on a representative sample of workers (n=1000), Job Talks and Q.i. Value Systems Inc. have identified a "new view" (a segmentation) of workers based on their work-related values.

This section contains an overview of 5 new segments of workers based on how they feel about their work. Each segment is accompanied by a Qi MindMap™ in the top right corner. Click on the Qi MindMap™ thumbnail to enlarge.

Chart 3.png

​How to read a Qi MindMap


A Qi MindMap™ is a powerful tool for visually comparing groups of workers based on 50 values statements about work.

The more heat on the edge (where the negative attributes are located), the worse it is. This calls for compensation by the positive attributes in the centre.

Square Pegs

Bottom Rungers



The Comfortable

The Fulfilled

Research and Funding Support

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