In partnership with Qi Value Systems, Job Talks provides full-service research to help industry associations make informed decisions. We have experience surveying and interviewing thousands of workers and making strategic recommendations for recruitment and retention. In 2018, we revealed a new segmentation of Canadian Workers.

Job Talks and Q.i. recently completed a study of Construction Workers in Ontario, which is the most in-depth look at Construction Workers ever conducted. It reveals how they see themselves, how they feel about their work, and how industry can improve recruitment and retention. 


How can you get the best out of your workers and keep them from leaving?

By asking the right questions.


Most staff surveys don’t ask the right questions. They are too short and don’t attempt to understand who your employees are as people – their values, their hopes and fears, their desires and frustrations. The most important information for predicting individual and group behaviour gets missed.


The healthiest organizations not only have workers that are more efficient and competent, but are simultaneously more creative, imaginative, engaged, confident, and inspired.


In partnership with Qi Value Systems, Job Talks will survey and map what really matters to your workers and make strategic recommendations for employee support and retention.