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"All for one and one for all"

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Older and more experienced than the first two segments, Musketeers are confident and reliable, with a strong appreciation of team work. This group has a high representation among Health and Welfare workers as well as Clerical and Administrative staff. 

Musketeers deal directly with customers/public. On one hand, this develops a sense of responsibility and commitment. On the other, it results in a high-stress environment. 

Musketeers understand the high stakes of their jobs and the fact that people are counting on them, so they often “give it their all,” putting in an honest day’s work. However, they also work with the stress of not meeting expectations and potentially losing others’ trust.

With little peace of mind, fresh air and pleasure at work, it is not surprising that many would switch their fields and would not recommend their career paths to others.

NEED: Insist on helping Musketeers in areas where they won’t admit they need help. Require participation in activities that reduce pressure and stress.


  • People pleasers

  • 90% People trust me to deliver

  • 88% Don’t hurt or exploit

  • 84% We help people

  • 78% Relate to my customers

  • 50% Make the world better

  • 48% Like client interaction


  • 72% Shy – Highest of all groups

  • 58% Embarrassed

  • 40% Loneliness

  • Sad, Not good Enough

  • Disappointment


  • Gen Xers & Boomers

  • Large proportion of women

  • Some stress and like to serve


  • Health and Welfare

  • Clerical and Admin

  • Labourer and Driver

  • 82% deal with customers

  • 66% would change jobs

Square Pegs

Bottom Rungers



The Comfortable

The Fulfilled

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