"Don't mess with a good thing"

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The “oldest” of the segments, over 60% of The Comfortable comprises those age 53+.

For the most part, The Comfortable derive a lot of satisfaction and pleasure from their work. They have the lowest scores for negative work-related statements.

Of all segments, The Comfortable are the most likely to choose the same profession again. However, only half describe their work as stimulating and only 39% would recommend that those who are similar to them follow a similar career path.

Some of the concerns of The Comfortable are the lack of social interaction in their jobs – either with the public or with their co-workers. It may be that those in The Comfortable work on their own too much, which can sometimes lead to feelings of isolation.

NEED: Introduce opportunities for teamwork.


  • 90% People trust me to deliver

  • 79% Get work satisfaction

  • 77% Feel successful

  • 69% My work’s worthwhile

  • 59% Time flies at work

  • 49% Find my work stimulating and Job is cool

  • Only 39% would recommend their job

  • Lowest scores on negative work-related statements


  • Mostly Boomers


  • Labourer and Driver

  • Trades

  • Professional

  • Education

  • 75% would choose same job again

Square Pegs

Bottom Rungers



The Comfortable

The Fulfilled

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