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Season 1 | Episode 8

Recruiters: Foes or Friends?

An Interview With

Agnes Watkinson

Founder, NextGen Professional

This week’s guest is Agnes Watkinson, a highly sought-after guest speaker and the owner and co-founder of NextGen Professional. NextGen is a recruitment and mentorship community that “addresses the skilled labour shortage by connecting and training talented, passionate workers with progressive construction leaders.”


They operate under a three pillar approach that aims to first raise awareness of the personnel shortage in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industries, then recruit all levels of personnel and finally provide leadership coaching via classroom seminars and personal, one-to-one mentoring.


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Legitimate recruiters often get a bad rap, but that’s because many people don’t know how complex the job is and how dedicated they are to the success of their clients. Agnes walks us through the recruiting process and shines some light on common misconceptions people may have about the undertaking of placing people in the right positions.


In this week’s episode Jon and Agnes talk about what you need to know in order to successfully work with a recruiter. Listen in for some professional tips about how you can make sure you are optimizing your own potential to get noticed and hired. Know someone looking for the right fit in the Construction industry? Have them tune in and check out NextGen Professional’s initiatives.

Topics Discussed in this Episode:


[01:14]  What comes to mind when you hear this (censored) sub-Reddit quote: “I hate recruiters. They suck. All of them. Greedy vultures praying on the desperate and unemployed.”

[01:43]  There are some things about recruiters – in terms of people’s bad experiences – that seem to be common. Can you comment on this?

[02:15]  Can you debunk some of the common myths about recruiters?

[03:23]  What types of recruiters are there?

[04:52]  What are some red flags people should look for when approached by someone who claims to be a legitimate recruiter (and might not be)?

[07:26]  Is LinkedIn the place to be if someone wants to be discovered by a recruiter?

[08:59]  Is it important for your photo on LinkedIn to be business minded?

[11:06]  What are some things one can do to become an ideal candidate to be recruited?

[14:00]  Talk a bit more about NextGen Professional?


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