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Season 2 | Episode 5

How to Negotiate

An Interview With

Andrew Pariser

Vice President


This week’s guest is Andrew Pariser, Vice President of RESCON (Residential Construction Council of Ontario). Andrew is an expert in labour relations. He gained much experience working for the Ministry of Labour and has a Master’s in Labour and Industrial Relations (MIR) from Queen’s University. He negotiates agreements among groups of people with different needs and goals in diverse settings.


RESCON is Ontario’s leading association of residential builders. Their mission is to stay committed to providing leadership and fostering innovation in the industry.


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Most of us have seen a film where tensions in the boardroom rise during an important negotiation, but have you ever wondered if the theatrics are realistic? Is making a deal always that intense? In this week’s episode, Jon and Andrew discuss the value of knowing how to negotiate well and how it can be a useful skill on and off the clock.


Whether it’s asking for a salary increase or deciding who is going to make dinner in the evening, negotiating involves a certain level of preparedness, integrity, and confidence. If you’re a skilled negotiator or just beginning to discover you have a certain ‘spark’ for realizing deals, this episode will give you a first-hand look at the art of negotiation. Andrew’s advice? You can’t please everybody, so to be successful, know your goals.

Topics Discussed in this Episode:


[01:04]  There is a saying that goes “Whoever speaks first, loses.” How do you feel about that?

[01:39]  How does knowing how to negotiate help someone in their everyday life?

[03:03]  Is it realistic that everyone should walk away from negotiations feeling like they have won? Is that the ultimate goal of negotiations?

[04:47]  What kinds of things should people be thinking about going into a serious negotiation? What type of preparation should be done?

[06:38]  How important is timing during negotiations?

[08:23]  Does the ‘home court’ advantage really give you some sort of an advantage?

[10:33]  Can anyone learn to negotiate? What are some mistakes people make when they get ahead of their selves during negotiations?

[13:41]  Can you share anything extra, perhaps tips or insights that might not come up in a google search for those who wish to learn more about negotiation?

[16:12]  What is your advice for someone wishing to negotiate their salary?

[19:27]  Does negotiating with someone who has more ‘power’ than you ever set you back?

[22:00]  Can you give me your take on how things are going right now and what we might do better in the future to increase the general public’s confidence in terms of how Canada is responding to the Covid-19 pandemic?


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