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Season 1 | Episode 4

Imposter Syndrome:

Am I a Fraud?

An Interview With

Candice Joseph

Chief Marketing Officer, Athlete Tech Group

This week’s guest is Candice Joseph. She is an Account Manager at Edge Marketing - an Advantage Solutions Company - as well as a Chief Marketing Officer at Athlete Tech Group which connects a global network of athletes and tech entrepreneurs for the purposes of education, business opportunities, and content production. “A voice of calm in a turbulent world,” she is also an advocate for greater diversity inclusion in the marketing and advertising industries. 


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Have you ever felt like you didn’t deserve the accolades that you received at work? Or that your educated thoughts and opinions weren’t valuable? What about feeling as if your successes were indebted to luck, even though you had the qualifications? If you have, you’ve probably experienced what psychologists call imposter syndrome.


In this week’s episode, Candice and Jon discuss imposter syndrome in more detail. What is it? Who does it affect the most? How do you overcome it? What, if any, are the benefits to experiencing it? As Candice observes, “it’s definitely living with that daily devil on your shoulder whispering to you that you’re not good enough even though you have what it takes on paper.” We’ve all been there. Don’t let it get in the way of your professional career.

Topics Discussed in this Episode:


[01:08]  How would you (Candice Joseph) describe imposter syndrome? 

[02:28]  What are some examples of how/when you felt imposter syndrome in your workplace experiences?

[04:36]  Do you think there’s a link between imposter syndrome and a sense of perfectionism?

[06:36]  Can imposter syndrome be a good thing? Can it motivate you to be greater?

[08:44]  Studies have shown that imposter syndrome is felt more among not just women, but women in minority groups, can you say more about that?

[12:40]  What can you do to overcome the feelings associated with imposter syndrome?

[15:22]  Teaching someone else to do something in your company helps reinforce that you do know what you’re doing and you are qualified to be there.  


Resource Links  

Athlete Tech Group


Edge Marketing

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