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Season 1 | Episode 2

How to Have a Killer Career, Not Kill a Career

An Interview With

Lexi Herrick

Founder, Her Track

This week’s guest is Lexi Herrick, founder of Her Track, a lifestyle publication written by a growing group of over 100 women, for women. Writers, designers, and marketers from all over the world contribute supportive content intended to inspire and empower. In addition to running her own website, Lexi is the director of content platforms, strategy, and analysis at Arizent, a business information company helping people in financial and professional services with leadership. 


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In this week’s episode, Jon and Lexi discuss some of the tips from an article she wrote called “40 Must-Read Tips for Every Young Professional Building a Killer Career.” Why should you take her advice? A diverse and fast-tracked career path has given her wisdom to share. In her words, she was “Associate Director of SEO and Data for a media company in New York City, the founder of a growing small business (a la Her Track), a freelance digital consultant, a speaker, and a writer” all by the age of 25. 


Who will benefit from listening to these tips?  The young professional looking to put their best foot forward and the seasoned professional looking to mentor and advise a new hire.

Topics Discussed in this Episode:


[01:08]  The list of 40 tips was created for Lexi’s younger sister starting her first professional job. Was she overwhelmed by the extensive list?

[02:03]  Were there one or two particular mistakes that you made in your first few weeks or months as a new young professional that you vowed never to make again?

[05:00]  Tip #5 is “stay out of work drama.” Lexi expands on the topic.

[08:56]  Tip #7 is “say yes.” Lexi says more about what it means to “say yes.”

[10:44]  Is saying yes the same as “fake it until you make it?

[11:52]  Tip #19: “Master the art of intelligently saying, I don’t know.”

[14:57]  Tip #20: “Take notes.” What else can you say about this?

[16:38]  Tip #22: “Learn and respect the communication styles of different people.” What experiences have you had with that and why is it such an important piece of advice?

[19:47]  Tip #26: “Be curious.” Say more about being curious personally and professionally and how does it benefit a young person in their career?

[22:26]  Since writing this article, have you come up with any additional tips, maybe even in the wake of Covid-19?

[23:56]  Tell us more about Her Track and how its readers are benefiting around the world and how to get involved as a contributor?


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“40 Must-Read Tips for Every Young Professional Building a Killer Career,” by Lexi Herrick


Her Track

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