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Season 2 | Episode 2

Let’s Talk Depression

An Interview With

Michael Landsberg

Founder, SickNotWeak

This week’s guest, Michael Landsberg, is a Canadian broadcaster and an avid mental health advocate. He has been working for TSN – The Sports Network (Canada) for over 31 years. Previously the host of SportsDesk and Off the Record, he now hosts First Up on TSN 1050.


Michael is the founder of SickNotWeak, which aims to help people “understand that mental illness is a sickness, NOT a weakness.” Via initiatives like his Daily Landsblog and Isolation Nation (video series), he hopes to “create a community of people who come to gain strength, and stay to give strength.” Michael is a mentor to many people, including those who suffer with depression and their loved ones.


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You cannot see depression, it doesn’t simply show up on a blood test, but if you live with it, you know how it feels like. You know how crippling it can be and you know it is a very real condition and not a self-imposed one. The only way to normalize its existence is to “battle it” by talking about it without embarrassment.   


Michael talks with Jon about “putting a purpose to his pain.” He uses depression, one of the “worst things” in his life, as a platform to teach people it is in fact a sickness, not a weakness. This episode deals with the stigma around being depressed, how the term has been diluted from overuse or misuse, and something Michael calls “healthy brainitis.”


Collectively human beings have been experiencing heightened levels of anxiety and self-reported periods of depression. We can all benefit from the wisdom of this podcast.

Topics Discussed in this Episode:


[01:11]  What have you been up to lately?

[04:21]  Explain what Sick Not Weak means (in terms of the difference between sick and weak versus sick not weak).

[07:13]  Michael has posted over 1800 video blogs. How do you stay this consistent? Have you always been this disciplined?

[11:10]  When you speak into the camera, who are you really talking to?

[13:33]  If social media didn’t exist, what would you be doing to cope with depression?

[15:51]  Do you have any tips for people who may feel self conscious about the words they are using when having a conversation with someone who has depression?

[19:39]  Some of the ways in which people use the word depression reduces its value or meaning. Is this true? And are there any other terms to watch out for?

[24:09]  How do you know you have depression? Is it something you can google?

[28:47]  Lots of people claim to feel down or anxious in their daily lives. Are there any strategies you can recommend for these general struggles?

[32:38]  Can you share more about the following statement: “The stigma goes when people talk about [depression]. The real problem comes from within when you keep it to yourself. Fight for your happiness. If you don’t, no one will.”


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#SickNotWeak (Daily Landsblog, Isolation Nation)


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