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Season 1 | Episode 3

Being Authentic: When In Doubt, Don’t Lie

An Interview With

Sean Karoonian

Founder and CEO, TRUENORTH

This week’s guest is Sean Karoonian, Founder and CEO at TRUENORTH, a residential & commercial real estate design & construction company. He is a also Program Advisor and Professor at Seneca College, and consults leading global entertainment and gaming & esports organizations.


As a Public Speaker, Lecturer, and former Head of Marketing & Client Services for Cineplex’s Gaming & Esports division - Sean will tell you to “be sincere in the way you live and talk because there is nothing wrong with being forthright & candid - where he encourages people to never be afraid to stand up and speak their truth for fear of judgement.”


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The internet has made it easy for anyone and everyone to manufacture a “personal brand,” but how many of us are authentic with our own self-descriptions? What happens when we stop with the excessive labelling? Is there such a thing as a universal truth? What questions should we be asking ourselves so that we can stay principled? 

In this week’s episode, Sean helps us explore the concept of being authentic. Smartly stating that his answers are not the answers, Sean notes that there is no “equation for authenticity,” but speaking with integrity is a fair start. 

Topics Discussed in this Episode:


[01:45]  On LinkedIn, we see “marketing mavens,” “networking ninjas,” “advertising gurus,” – are these for you authentic self-descriptions?

[03:05]  How would you describe being authentic? What does being authentic mean to you?

[04:54]  It may not be so easy for a young person, especially someone entering the workforce, to truly be their true self because of a number of conflicting messages. What’s your advice?

[08:56]  Has your integrity and social conscious ever gotten you in trouble?

[10:58]  When you’re an audience member, do you ask the ‘tough questions?’

[12:44]  Does someone in a junior position, such as account manager or research assistant, need a personal brand? Isn’t the very act of creating a brand for one’s self inauthentic?

[16:49]  What advice do you have for someone trying to figure out their core values? What exercises or questions could they ask themselves to get to your version of integrity and having a social conscious?

[20:07]  What are you doing right now?


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